Is fire fox OK thinking about down loading it?

Answer Yes, Its fast and relatively secure.

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I am thinking about using google chrome...would you give it the thumbs up or thumbs down.?

70% Thumbs up:This browser is buffed up with processing power. Its user interface is very innovative and natural with interchangeable tabs that can also be pulled out to convert them to a new windo... Read More »

Down loading process........?

Torrents are a form of peer to peer file sharing. What happens is you download a very small file which contains information about the torrent's tracker. A tracker is the host that is keeping track ... Read More »

Down loading videos?

someone asked this the other day - something to do with temporary internet filesIt will be in there and form there you can, apparently, save it to your PC http://www.theanswerb.../Question1151047.html

Down Loading Music?

To answer this question fully I need to differentiate between a 'data CD' and an 'audio CD'.If you select the 'data CD' option when burning, you can burn MP3 tracks to a CD in just the same way as ... Read More »