Is google being censored or filtered?

Answer I honestly don't know if they censor or not, try typing paedophilia porn and see what results you get (I'm definititely not going to though, not even if it were for genuine research purposes). Ther... Read More »

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Is google today being censored, and is it leading up to that in britain?

I suspect less corruption and more commercial awareness.There are many, many more websites than 7 years ago. To get good rankings on search engines you need a decent site that works technically, ho... Read More »

Is the internet being censored?

good question,I've never really noticed that before but I would imagine that they do monitor the internet. Hope you find the answer.

Is anything or anywhere censored on Google Earth?…That is a fairly interesting list of things.Hope that helps

Why hasn't Google censored search words such as "lemon party", Tub girl" and "two girls one cup"?

I have no idea, haha. Have you seen 'one man one cup?' If you haven't, do it now LOL. I think they're destroying minds, I mean I was disturbed for more than a week when I saw 'two girls one cup', s... Read More »