Is internet good or bad?

Answer That depends on how stupid or how smart the user is.

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Is the internet good or bad?

It depends on how you use. I can't think a single day without internet. If we use technology more consciously we can benefit from it.

Is my internet speed good?

well you should at least have 1 mb at the least. for comparison's sake, if you were to download a 50mb powerpoint presentation, it would take you about a minute to two. on the other side, according... Read More »

Internet Explorer 8, good or bad?

Q) Do you have all the Windows XP Service Packs up to Service Pack 3?A) If you don't, then Internet Explorer 8 may not perform as expected.However, if you do have all the Windows XP Service Packs, ... Read More »

Is the new Internet Explorer 10 any good?

That's a tough question, it's mainly based on personal preference. PCMag did give it a 4/5, but I encourage you to read other articles and reviews such as this one from ... Read More »