Is it OK for other people to put photos of your children on Facebook?

Answer none....................................…

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On facebook, can people tell if someone's been looking at all their photos?

FaceBook: In the last 45 minutes more than 50 people Liked my photos...?

facebook changed... all of your profile photos are public nowyou can set them to private one by one if you want tho

How do people get so many likes on their Facebook photos?

maybe cos they r popular or something u can take some pics and it has to be good then put other stuff and be popular on FB they will all like it!! ok!!bye XX hope i helped

Other people's photos from websites on Facebook?

Depends, if it is a picture of the person that the fb account belongs to, it would look creepy for you to take it and use it for your own. If its a picture that they took from somewhere else and it... Read More »