Is it OK for other people to put photos of your children on Facebook?

Answer none....................................…

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How to tell when other people use your photos?

One downside of the open nature of the Internet is that it's very easy for people to download an image you've put online and use it on another Web page without your permission. Several tools exists... Read More »

How to disable people from commenting on your photos on Facebook?

Facebook frequently updates the formats of members’ pages. A previously existing option to disallow comments on photos is no longer available. The only way users can stop people from commenting o... Read More »

Can other people see your chat on facebook?

Nope, that is between you and the person you are chatting with. No one can see that.

How to hide your posts from other people on Facebook?

After or before you type your post, you will see this little icon, its either an icon that has 2 ppl or an icon that is like the settings icon, press that, then press custom, after that go under wh... Read More »