Is it Safe to Eat Parsley in Pregnancy?

Answer Parsley is a common herbal addition to foods, and it generally seems to be safe for most people to eat. Scientists question the safety of very high amounts of parsley in pregnancy, however, as the ... Read More »

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Is it Safe to Use Antacids in Pregnancy?

Generally speaking, antacids are safe for use during pregnancy. A woman can usually obtain safe products over the counter or ask her doctor for a prescription for severe or persistent symptoms. Usu... Read More »

Is it Safe to Eat Feta in Pregnancy?

As a general rule of thumb, it is not safe to eat feta in pregnancy. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. For example, if the feta is pasteurized, then the deadly bacteria called listeria... Read More »

Is it Safe to Use Arnica in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy pains may range from mild to severe, making the search for safe pain relief an important part of pregnancy for many women. Although controversial, some pregnant women seek relief through ... Read More »

Is it Safe to Use Nifedipine in Pregnancy?

The safety of taking nifedipine in pregnancy is not fully known. This is classified as a pregnancy category C drug, which indicates there is reason to suspect possible safety issues. Animal testin... Read More »