Is it Safe to Use Lidocaine in Pregnancy?

Answer Lidocaine is a local anesthetic most commonly used during dental work and minor surgery, though it also can relieve the burning and itching caused by skin irritations. It is typically OK to use lid... Read More »

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Is it Safe to Use Cortisone in Pregnancy?

Topical applications of cortisone in pregnancy might be safe, but oral doses of the medicine should only be used under supervision of a medical doctor. Animal and human research involving cortisone... Read More »

Is it Safe to Use Analgesics in Pregnancy?

In most cases, physicians affirm that most analgesics are safe to take during pregnancy. Certain cautions and conditions apply, however. All analgesics in pregnancy affect the unborn child, so some... Read More »

Is it Safe to Use Acyclovir in Pregnancy?

The risk of using medications such as acyclovir in pregnancy must be balanced against the risk to the baby and mother from the condition that requires treatment. Acyclovir is an antiviral medicine ... Read More »

Is it Safe to Take Ondansetron in Pregnancy?

Some women take ondansetron in pregnancy to control morning sickness. Classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Pregnancy Category B drug, it is generally considered safe for e... Read More »