Is it Safe to Use Methyldopa in Pregnancy?

Answer Methyldopa is a prescription drug used to treat hypertension, or high blood pressure, and carries an FDA pregnancy classification of B, which essentially means that using methyldopa in pregnancy is... Read More »

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Is it Safe to Take Nitrofurantoin in Pregnancy?

The safety of taking nitrofurantoin in pregnancy generally depends upon the stage of gestation. Historically, there has not been evidence indicating that the drug will harm the fetus during most ph... Read More »

Is Amoxicillin Safe During Pregnancy?

Amoxicillin is a prescription drug used to fight off infections and bacteria. This drug is FDA approved and is often used for long periods of time, usually between 5 and 10 days. No drugs are compl... Read More »

Is it Safe to Take Zolpidem in Pregnancy?

Taking zolpidem in pregnancy is generally considered safe when necessary to treat insomnia, but pregnant patients are often urged to try other options first. This is because this drug has been rank... Read More »

How Safe Is Pregnancy after Abdominoplasty?

Getting pregnant after abdominoplasty is considered safe, but the results of the procedure are typically undone by the pregnancy. The point of a tummy tuck — as abdominoplasty is more commonly kn... Read More »