Is it a real gorilla in the cadburys gorilla advert?

Answer No its not :-)The "gorilla" is played by a little know actor called Garon Michael, who specialises in playing Gorillas on TV and in Movies such as Congo, Instinct and Planet of the Apes.The Gorilla... Read More »

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What message is the cadburys gorilla sending out to the veiwer?

It's purely just to keep you watching the advert, so you don't change the channel so you end up paying attention to the product.

How to Make a Gorilla Costume?

You can make your own gorilla costume for Halloween or any time you want a laugh. With the right fabric and some machine sewing skills, you can be the king of the jungle in no time.

Problems With Gorilla Glue?

Original Gorilla Glue was introduced to the American market in the late 1990s. The glue was discovered being used on teak furniture in Indonesian manufacturing. It was superior to glues available i... Read More »

How to Draw a Silverback Gorilla?

The silverback gorilla is a large, majestic primate native to mountainous regions in Africa. These great apes are intelligent creatures with lifespans that can reach beyond four decades. Silverback... Read More »