Is it ethical to use privacy setting loopholes in other people's Facebook photo albums?

Answer If you know their intentions and violate them, then you are taking advantage of their misunderstanding/ignorance of the technology and that's ethically questionable at best.They have a responsibili... Read More »

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I have 16 photo albums on facebook and only 5 are showing :o/ how do I get it back to 16?

That happens a lot when FB messes up, it should tart working again soon.

Ive edited privacy setting on facebook?

sick to death of facebook questions,they should be banned from answers

How do you sync your photo albums from facebook to your gallery on a samsung galaxy s3?

In the stock Gallery app, you can select menu -> View by -> Content in device

2 photo albums not properly shared on FB. Albums before n after correctly posted. Can still see in my photos.?

share it once again . or your news feed is private , make it public !!!!!!!!!