Is it fine for my gf to like, like for looks or hot or not on fb?

Answer If you really love that girl then you no how bad it kills when she is rating other boys Looks and pics.Ask her nicely to stopor ask her (Can i rate other girls looks on facebook) and if she says N... Read More »

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Motorbike that looks like a bit like a bicycle?

Specifically, it's called a "step-thru" due to the layout of the frame, that you can literally, step through.It may well be a moped (less than 50cc), but many step-thrus were bigger than 50cc and h... Read More »

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Oh sweetheart maybe another colour something a bit slimming I think

How To Not Looks Like A Chav?

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Like for Looks on Facebook?

Like for Looks is what people post when they're bored. It requests Facebook friends to like their status in return for a rating out of 10, based on your looks. They post this on your timeline for e... Read More »