Is it free to surf the internet on your ipod when connected to your home wifi?

Answer if you are using your own home network then it won't cost you anything...The only limit you have is the limit you have on your Internet ..If you have unlimited internet then you can use you ipod as... Read More »

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I am connected to an unsecured wireless network. How can i surf the internet for free using this connection?

Use Windows Zero Config wireless connection manager in XP and choose/connect to the unsecured network.... and surf! Totally illegal too. Don't get caught.

Wifi connected but can't access internet?

You should give more information about your situation before I can help you.

My friends WiFi says im connected to the internet, but im not.?

try to disable firewall, it might block unknown devices in the network ;)

Do I need credit to use the internet on my Blackberry 8520 even if i'm connected to wifi?

Wi-fi is free but you will need to set up your Blackberry to use it. The simplest and most straight forward way to get your device connected to your WiFi connection is to run the 'Setting Up WiFi' ... Read More »