Is it free to video call the usa from the uk using facebook video call when i am using sky broadband?

Answer Currently there is no charge on facebook for video chatting as it is all free.

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Is it possible to have a pre-recorded video playing instead of a live thing on video call on MSN?

Yes it is, people on stickam and other cam sites do it all the time to try and trick others into doing things. Special cam software that allow for desktop sharing can do the same trick.

My prank call video just hit 1000views should I make a video saying thanks?

Why can't i video call on msn?

Hotmail is down. Yet again. Has been for hours. On my mobile they say they're working on it. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Msn only allows video call now n not webcam?

Well.. the steps I took to get it to work on mine is very simple.what -you-need to do is download the file i uploaded at in the link below: Read More »