Is it illegal to share photos of someone on MSN/Yahoo without them knowing?

Answer Not usually. Photographs belong to the photographer not the subject.It would be good to ask the persons permission before you go plasterng their picture all over the internet - but that depends on ... Read More »

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Is it illegal to get into a car in the uk knowing the driver is drunk?

It's not illegal as such, but apart from the stupidity of it, there IS a crime of 'aiding or permitting a vehicle to be used... etc etc.....' that they can stick you with if you have a driving lice... Read More »

Is it illegal to share content recorded from the TV?

Not if it's with a friend. It would be illegal only if you sold it to someone,or made money on it somehow.

How to Share Photos on Skype?

One of Skype's basic communication methods is via text chat with other Skype users. This basic style of chatting, which is similar to other instant messengers, is perhaps less exciting than engagin... Read More »

Is it illegal for another person to access a persons Bank Account via the internet without the person knowing?

yes it is very illegal. u will get arrested and put in jail!!! if u r planning 2 do this u will eventually get caught anyways. as long as shes not taking any money or ruining ur life or stealing ur... Read More »