Is it illegal to use a wireless router to recieve an internet signal in your area?

Answer Since you are in the UK, I'll give you the UK links. YES WIFI THEFT IS ILLEGAL even if it has been left OPEN!……ht... Read More »

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How can I increase my signal on my wireless internet router & wireless card?

The strength of the signal is limited by law, so it would probably be illegal to increase it much. I believe you can do so, however, by fitting a larger aerial. I don't know if these are available ... Read More »

Is it illegal to use my neighbours wireless router?

Yes technically it's against the law. Regardless of not knowing whos network it is, you shouldn't be connecting to unkown unsecured wireless networks and using the net just because it's there. In t... Read More »

Why do i have a poor signal with my wireless router?

if your gonna get internet service dont get it from AOL, i have verizon and with wifi i get greet serivice with my wii, laptop, and desktop. i have the router downstairs and my desktop upstairs and... Read More »

Is there any way to boost the signal from a wireless router?

I had to do the same thing with my Linksys network this past week. I purchased a Linksys Range Expander. After installation, one of the PCs went from 11mbps to 54mbps and the other which didn't eve... Read More »