Is it illigal to use use someone elses internet via...?

Answer Bottom line, if they don't have it encrypted and you don't do anything but use the Internet, no court in the land would actually waste their time prosecuting you. Not to mention someone dumb enoug... Read More »

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Can i connect to the internet wirelessly off someone elses wireless internet?

Sorry it seems that ONLY some people here can read.And sorry, JustMe is way misinformed and thus passing BAD information here! YES you can setup a wireless network without a router!!!http://www.mi... Read More »

Is a dixie horn illigal if so, why?

Dixie horn was made illegal yonks ago. If you still use one then you are a dick and a hazard.

Is it illigal to have blacked out window on your car?

In the UK you can have rear passenger and rear window blacked out, but drivers side window and front passenger side window are not really meant ot be blacked out. You could do it, and 99% of copper... Read More »

Is it illigal to ride electirc scooters.?

It's not illegal on some streets. They are very impractical (and illegal) for interstate travel.