Is it legal for my next door neighbour to connect to internet through my router with my permission?

Answer Things are bad enough. Don't give the money grubbers any new ideas.Love and blessings Don

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Next door neighbour issues...?

If you are gay, so what. You can't complain if he's telling the truth. And, for goodness sake, who cares? Next time you have a party, tell him about it in advance and ask him to attend. Keep the mu... Read More »

My next door neighbour told me that his son was able to access my pc........?

unless you have norton internet security, norton is not enough. you have to encrypt the wireless net work. if you are using a linksys wireless router, open you web broser and instead of typing in ... Read More »

How can I stop my next door neighbour connecting to my wireless connestion?

Ok ill show you step by step.First you have to lock your router so only you know the password to it.go to START then RUN and type CMD and then OKa black box should come up.type IPCONFIG and press E... Read More »

Would you ask ask my next door neighbour to stop parking directly out side our house?

Sounds fair, if he has room to park outside his house most of the time. Even if not, there should be room outside someone elses for whom it would mean less bother.I would approach him and explain ... Read More »