Is it misleading advertising when memory cards are advertised at 32GB, but actually only have 29GB of usable?

Answer Format the memory card and scan for a virus test to get hidden space. Hope it will work

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I have 8GB on my computer, but it says only 6 are installed and 4 are usable?

I suspect one or more of the RAM sticks is faulty. You need to remove them an test them one by one to discover which. I use this app : are available. Good luck.

Is it bad that only 469mb of my memory is free when i have 5886mb?

Yes it is. You have way too many background processes running. And you probably don't need 90% of them. You can edit the loading processes manually but it is a little too complicated to explain to ... Read More »

I have 16 GB ram but only 3.25 GB ram is usable, can anyone tell me whats the deal with that?

Easy. You are using a 32 bit version of Windows. Will need the 64 bit version to see all your ram. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

If only 17% of all jobs are advertised through the jobcenter where are the rest advertised ?

a lot of jobs are advertised via specialist agencies - eg secretarial or healthcare.. You would probably be better registering with an agency for whatever field you are interested in... the agency ... Read More »