Is it okay to uninstall TomTom from my computer - even though the Sat-Nav is still being used?

Answer I wish I had a friend who needed me to get his Sat-Nav up and running...Ooh la la!

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My computers monitor keeps turning off even though the computer is still on?

download synaptic touch pad drivers than you can set it as you want.…

My computer monitor keeps turning off even though. The computers still on.?

If it's brand new, it should still be under warranty. I'd contact the manufacturer & let them deal w/it, because if you open the case & start removing/swapping parts, you're going to void your war... Read More »

Can i still use the razor even though the exfoliating bit has fallen off?

If you use ones with the built in shave bars then I would suggest no. The best bet is to stop buying those kind and use baby oil instead of shaving cream! Not only will it make your razor last long... Read More »

Will I still receive my JSA even though I just got a job?

You will get JSA for any time you were unemployed and looking for work, up until the date you started working.