Is it possible for somebody to get your Ip adress and be able to see what your doing online?

Answer If you have some spyware on your computer, then someone could be watching what you are doing, however, they would not need to know your IP address as the spyware on your computer would be calling t... Read More »

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What does it mean when someone has the same IP adress as you?

Control Panel - 'click' Network & Internet - then 'click' view Network Status & Tasks - The 'click' Trouble Shoot Problems.You can also read more information using Help and Support on your PC.It ... Read More »

MSN Adress directory ?

It would be a big privacy issue wouldn't be?

How do i get msn, i have a hot mail adress?

Windows Live (MSN) and Windows Live Mail (hotmail) are all the same, you use your Windows Live ID (your hotmail address and password) to sign in to the program once you've downloaded it.Simply down... Read More »

Delete URL from adress bar?

if you have IE9 then use the address bar drop-down box. Where the web address is listed (the http://www. bit) there is a magnifying glass and then a downward pointing triangle, this opens the drop-... Read More »