Is it possible for somebody to get your Ip adress and be able to see what your doing online?

Answer If you have some spyware on your computer, then someone could be watching what you are doing, however, they would not need to know your IP address as the spyware on your computer would be calling t... Read More »

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Is it possible that teachers are able to see anything on your facebook account?

Of course they can if they have an account and yours is not set to private.Edit/Update â–º Regarding your additional details. Oh dear you are really naive aren't you? Never heard of tittle tattle,... Read More »

Is it possible to have a blown head gasket and be able to drive your vehicle for a few thousand miles?

yep, just depending on how bad the head is leaking but keep in mind the head will get worse over time, so if you keep driving it you run the risk of warping the heads and possibly destroying the motor

Is it possible for someone to read what you are doing on your computer machine from his own machine?

It isn't stupid, its real!Yes, it is possible to someone view (and even to control!!!) what are you doing in your computer.Probably you wont be able to uninstall that spying program from your compu... Read More »

: I want to add a second monitor to your home PC. Is this possible, and if so how would you go about doing?

Your best option is a graphics card with two outputs on the back, this gives you many more options. With a video splitter you get a single signal distributed between two monitors, so you get one (c... Read More »