Is it possible to...?

Answer Right click in the folder in your "my documents" go to sharing and security and click on make this folder private

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Is it possible to set the tomtom to 'Avoid B Roads wherever possible'?

If you make sure that it is giving you the fastest route it should more or less avoid 'B' roads.Having said that, I have just been to Scotland and my Tom Tom kept showing 'B' roads and these were a... Read More »

I want to ask that i want to use a car amplifier in my house, so is it possible if it is possible then how?

Provide a power feed to it the same as a car - 12 volts, direct current and the correct amperage

Since spent fuel rods from propulsion reactors are still quite hot would it be possible to harness the heat produced for energy needs It seems like a possible source, and a waste not to harness what we can. — SS, Lakewood, CO?

While the radioactive decays from spent nuclear fuel rods continue to produce thermal energy, the amount of energy released each second isn't enough to make it cost effective to use that energy. Si... Read More »

When people are able to bend spoons or move tables with their minds (if this is actually possible and not just a hoax), what sort of force is being exerted on the object Is it possible to create forces with the mind?

I'm afraid that spoon bending is simply a hoax. While there are electrochemical processes going on in the mind that exert detectable forces on special probes located outside the head, these forces ... Read More »