Is it possible to burn avi files onto a DVD that can be played in a normal DVD player?

Answer Yes, however the person you buy goods from must post you a link for Paypal. Not all can do this.

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How to burn music into CD so it will be playable when played on my car CD player?

Some car CD players don't like computer CDs. You could try with different brands of disc and using CD-r and CR+R ones but in my experience a lot of car stereos just won't play them. particularly ol... Read More »

How to Burn XVID & AVI Files to a DVD So You Can Watch on a DVD Player?

Compression software for video files such as XVID and AVI files have dramatically decreased digital video file sizes. Though these compression methods have been possible for a long time, DVD player... Read More »

Does any one know of and car dvd player that looks like normal cd player but with rear video outputs?

yes, there are some kind of car dvd players. here http://www.autodvdgps.comyou could see which kind of dvd is your favorite.

Is it possible to record onto an MP3 player from You Tube.?

use a website called when you have it open, open another tab and find the track you desire. when the video is open, copy the URL (adress at the top bar) then paste it into the ... Read More »