Is it possible to change settings on facebook to hide games applications from certain friends?

Answer yes you can hide. go on facebook account setting then you will find each and every option there :-)

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How can I hide my 'friends list' from people I don't know using the new Facebook privacy settings please?

Log into your Facebook account and click on 'Privacy' in the top right. In the 'Profile' section, click on 'Edit Settings'. From there select what group of people can see your friends. Scroll to th... Read More »

How do i change my facebook settings so that even my friends cannot see my 'friend list'?

Go to your profile, click on the top right of the friend's list box u see on ur profile that is to ur left. Then, Edit, customize, then choose only me, and only u can view ur friend's list

How do i change my facebook poke settings, so that any1 can poke me even if they're not on my friends list?

im pretty sure it already has that setting, like when someone who views your page yet isnt a friend sees the 'Poke ___' button along with your friends. yet im not too sure if they can actually poke... Read More »

Facebook - privacy settings for applications?

Facebook can be quite frustrating when it comes to setting privacy settings.Unfortunately, You can't set individual privacy settings. There is only 3 settings in total:FriendsLimitedBlockedYou can ... Read More »