Is it possible to change the settings on a 2.4ghz laptop to make it connect to a 5ghz network?

Answer It's not possible by settings, but you could swap the WiFi card in the laptop.It will be either a Mini-PCI or Mini-PCI Express type.Older machines use mini pci, which is a short, wide car with a lo... Read More »

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Is it possible to change settings on facebook to hide games applications from certain friends?

yes you can hide. go on facebook account setting then you will find each and every option there :-)

What laptop on the market can i buy to play games on the highest settings possible i can spend 500 to 1000?

Maybe try getting the alienware m14x. But you can get a gaming desktop with 500-1000 dollor, with 1000 you can go the highest setting, with 500 maybe low, but highest resulation. Build a desktop wi... Read More »

How do I Connect My Laptop to a Wireless Network?

In order to enjoy using a mobile computer such as a laptop, you must connect your laptop to a wireless router. After you have purchased your router you must first set it up and locate three things,... Read More »

How to connect a laptop to my computers wireless network?

I think you're asking how to connect your laptop's wireless card to a wireless router.You're wireless card on your laptop (Belkin) and wireless router need to both be in G or B mode, or in mixed mo... Read More »