Is it possible to change the settings on a 2.4ghz laptop to make it connect to a 5ghz network?

Answer It's not possible by settings, but you could swap the WiFi card in the laptop.It will be either a Mini-PCI or Mini-PCI Express type.Older machines use mini pci, which is a short, wide car with a lo... Read More »

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My hp laptop won't connect to any network and I am really concerned?

well just go out to the website like or wichever your model is and at top there is drivers, follow the link to put in model and your operating system and download drivers, move them... Read More »

How do I Connect My Laptop to a Wireless Network?

In order to enjoy using a mobile computer such as a laptop, you must connect your laptop to a wireless router. After you have purchased your router you must first set it up and locate three things,... Read More »

Laptop see's wireless network but won't connect.?

Go to in browser on a computer that is PLUGGED IN with ethernet cableEnter username: admin Enter password: changeme (unless you have changed this?)Click Wifi settings and here ... Read More »

How can i connect to a network and also use my laptop as a router simultaniously?

assuming your router has wifi (and I don't see why is shouldn't be) then your iphone should be able to connect directly to the router without going through the laptop