Is it possible to check on skype how long I've been friends with someone Even after deleting them.?

Answer no, skype does not show that sort of info, sorry

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Can you block someone on facebook without being friends with them?

Yes all you need to do is to go into settings and go into privacy and then click blocking and hopfully it should work :) just type there name in and it will block them.

Tyre keeps deflating even, even after it's been replaced.?

Get him to take it to a garage and tell them what has happened and they will be able to have a look to see if something is rubbing. As for replacing all four tyres - they saw him coming a mile off.... Read More »

Can you block emails on facebook from friends without actually deleting them as a friend?

You can stop people writing on your wall etc while theyre still your friend, but there's no reason why you would want to stop mails; only you can see it, and if you dont want to get private mail fr... Read More »

Someone made a fake facebook with my pics and name so i reported them and my friends did too but?

Facebook must've deleted the pics and the account because you reported them. But I've heard that every deleted picture is stored on a seperate facebook server which can only be acessed by Law Enfo... Read More »