Is it possible to configure wireless cable modem for the first time without an actually computer?

Answer As you intend to use it: no. There is need for a computer (or a tablet/ipod touch/... with wifi). From the xbox you can only connect to the internet and not configure the wireless cable modem.

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How to configure cable modem to use ethernet instead of usb?

Typically, cable modems automatically sense whether you are using USB or Ethernet. I would suggest unplugging your cable modem from the power adapter for at least 15 to 30 minutes and prior to plug... Read More »

Is a null modem cable for transferring data the same as a vga cable used for computer monitor?

No, completely different. VGA cable is 9 pin DSub connector and null modem is 25 pin DSub connector. And the pin-out are completely different!

Wireless internet from cable modem?

It sounds like your router is designed for ADSL via a BT phone line & is therfore not suitable for cable broadband use. Sadly you need a wireless router designed for broadband ie: a pure ethernet r... Read More »

How to Use a Wireless Cable Modem Router As a Repeater?

When you use a wireless cable modem router as a repeater, you set it up as a secondary router so that it extends the wireless signal of your first device located nearest your Internet modem. This i... Read More »