Is it possible to connect a router to another router?

Answer you want to give the 2nd router a static IP address out of the range of the IP address pool for router #1 and turn of the DHCP server function. you never want multiple devices on the same network ... Read More »

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How can I connect a wireless ADSL router to a wired WAN router and secure the WIFI?

NEVER use more than one router on a connection. It causes conflicts, slows the network and can even stop it totally. Apart from that you can NOT connect a DSL port to a network. It must connect to ... Read More »

Is it possible to connect a wireless router to a modem using usb?

usually when a router has a USB connector on it, this is used for connecting it to your PC if you don't have an ethernet port. like it does on my safecom router. Not for connecting a storage device... Read More »

Whats the right way to connect another router to the virgin media superhub?

First of all, if you are using an ethernet cable, you have to make sure that it is a crossover cable and not a straight through or it will not work. Then you will need to see if there is a way in y... Read More »

Is it possible to get a usb to ethernet cable adaptor to connect to a wireless router?

U can buy a USB Netwrok device that then allows you to connect to a normal router via a cat5 cable, or a USB wireless card to connect to it wirelessly.