Is it possible to deactivate your facebook forever?

Answer Once you deactivate your account, then you're invisible to everyone including your friends...there isn't a way to deactivate your account forever, If you deactivate it, then stay away from it.

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Facebook deactivate, fb deactivate?

someones hacked it or you haven't deactivated it properly

If I deactivate my Facebook...?

Yes, your photo albums will still be there and the same! When you will reactivate your account, it's like you pick it up from where you left it.

Can i deactivate my facebook if i can't log in?

well, i haven't done that but may be work for you. But this way you only can lock your account not deactivate.Try login with a little wrong password again and again. after 3-4 attempts Facebook wil... Read More »

I can't deactivate my facebook account, help!?

Go to:>Settings >Account Settings >Deactivate Account >Done