Is it possible to delete a Facebook page on a iPad?

Answer I think so if u can go to fb on it u can delete ya fb on it

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How do you delete a Facebook page and change the name of it on iPad?

May be you mean deactivate your account on your iPad… If so then yes...go to the side bar on the left, hit account settings, general, deactivate account.

Is it possible to write on a Facebook page from another Facebook page?

Hi starryey,Yes, that's possible! Go to ACCOUNT Menu and click "Use Facebook as page". Once you click on it, a list of your pages that you manage will appear, choose one and click "SWITCH". You can... Read More »

IPad Facebook text delete?

I would be inclined to uninstall then reinstall the Facebook app and see if that works, before you do though, check the app store to see if there are any updates for it. I get a lot of niggly issu... Read More »

How to delete facebook photos off the ipad mini?

1. First, photos uploaded to My Photo Stream or Shared Photo Streams do not count against your iCloud storage. 2. The photos you upload to My Photo Stream are stored in iCloud for 30 days to give y... Read More »