Is it possible to delete everything you've ever done and put on your fb account but keep your friends?

Answer Of course you can, go to your timeline and then click on the activity log then on the timeline review click "All"You'll see all your activities,likes and pictures etc.You may unlike and delete ever... Read More »

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Is it possible to delete your YouTube account without deleting your Google account?

YesGo to settingsThen go to advanced (on the right of your thumbnail)At the bottom there is the option for you to close your YouTube account.However, 'Closing your YouTube Account will not close yo... Read More »

When you delete your internet history or any file on your computer, does it ever really delete?

When you hit delete, it doesn't remove the file from the hard disk, it just marks the area of the disk that the file was on as writable. That means that the data is easily recoverable until that p... Read More »

Can you delete your facebook account but keep a page you made?

Here is something you can try.Make a new account. (before deleting your original account)Open your page and set this person (the new account) as the administrator.Then maybe you can deactivate your... Read More »

If youve ever lost precious data on your computer how did you recover?

Well I'd of immediately checked Temp folders and data recovery software..That way i would be alot more likely to find it before it gets overwritten.You may get lucky and find it with some Free data... Read More »