Is it possible to find out WHO has deleted you from their facebook contacts?

Answer No, that would be a clear invasion of privacy. Obviously. Perhaps consider the reason why they might have deleted you instead?

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If you deleted all your facebook contacts who would not care if you were alive or dead......?

13...out of 203.Which is pretty bad.And 6 of my 13 are my family.All of them are "friends" but these are the proper ones who I will stay in contact with in the future. The rest...I like them, but i... Read More »

Someone was able to read my deleted facebook messages - how is this possible?

Hi, there are two parts to a message, the sender and receiver. Just because you as the sender delete a message, the receiver still has it until they choose to delete it.

Is there a way that I can find out if one of my Facebook friends blocked me from seeing their wall posts?

No, that is not how blocking works. Is it private, so only the blocker will know. If you have suspicions, you can try searching that person up on facebook. If he doesn't even appear, then he (full... Read More »

how to find unknown people from facebook if you have a picture with they and know their first name?

Search for new contacts using the name/details you have?Town/area helps. @AlBagsi tried but there are so many peoples with this name and i only know the country Is this a wind up? How on earth are ... Read More »