Is it possible to have 2 PCs working off the same broadband box?

Answer Yes if you get a router. You will go from your broadband modem to the router and then to each computer. Most ISPs will allow you to connect up to about 8 computers.

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How do i find out what speed my broadband is working at.?

try an online speed test / benchmarkthere is one located at under toolsyou can select a java or flash version

My broadband is working right but my phone wont ring in or out any one had this b4 all leads are connected?

yes my friend had this last week, you need to contact virgin, and they can fix the phone line from there end, just email them.

I have Broadband. Any ideas why, when a telephone call is made or received, it cuts off my Broadband?

You haven't got a ADSL micro filter fitted to the telephone(s).

2 friends share a house , one wants bt broadband the other wants virgin broadband, they are not prepared to?