Is it possible to have 2 PCs working off the same broadband box?

Answer Yes if you get a router. You will go from your broadband modem to the router and then to each computer. Most ISPs will allow you to connect up to about 8 computers.

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Is it possible to use Broadband on a MAC upstairs and a PC downstairs on the same phone line at the same time?

yes its possible - though you can only subscribe to 1 provider and connect through 1 router - both mac and pc can be connected to the router usind separate ip addresses at the same time no problems... Read More »

I already have broadband with bt and want to use the same email address on laptop how do i do it?

You should be able to plug your lap top into any internet connection or wi fi if applicable and select the link below

Is It Possible To Have More Than One Mortgage At The Same Time?

As long as they do not exceed the value of your property at the time of taking them out.

Is it possible to have 2 sessions of msn live running at the same time...?

Normally MSN Messenger only allows you to run once instance at a time, and that one instance can only log in as a single user.However there is a nifty little patch program called 'Polygamy' that al... Read More »