Is it possible to have separate email addresses on a wireless network?

Answer my husband and i have 2 pcs on wireless my broadband supplier is ntl on my pc i have my ntl email and on mine he has his ntl email set up on his ,if you are both reading emails of each other you ei... Read More »

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Is it possible to use a wireless router to connect to a wireless network?

You might be able to change it to a wireless access point. I believe the Linksys routers had that option. Here is what it says on my Belkin routerUSE as Access PointWhen using the Router as an Acc... Read More »

Is it possible for me to use my mobile as a network adapter and scan for wireless networks using my PC?

You can use a program such as NetStumbler, which is free to download, one a PC equipped with a wireless adapter to scan for wireless networks.However, if your PC does not have a wireless adapter, y... Read More »

When connecting two laptops together via a Wireless Ad Hoc network, is it possible to save the connection?

I have a wireless laptop is it possible to log onto another wireless router in range?

Well wireless comes with the range of 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, look at your computer manual which wireless computer WIFI technology you are having or consult your vendor and the WIFI model of you... Read More »