Is it possible to hide 'people you may know' from Facebook friend list?

Answer Ummm...sorry dude no you can't!If you have a specific person bothering you, you can just hit the cross(remove) button in the corner of the tile.

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How do I hide my friend list from people who aren't my friends on Facebook?

Go to Privacy Settings where it says see my friend list click on that box than hit friends only and only your friends will be able to see your friend list and strangers will not be able to see your... Read More »

Facebook: Can you hide you wall posts from a certain person on your friend list?

Yes you can. When you type in a status, click the little padlock icon that shows up on the bottom. This will bring up privacy settings for that particular post.You have 2 options, "Make Visible T... Read More »

How can I hide my 'friends list' from people I don't know using the new Facebook privacy settings please?

Log into your Facebook account and click on 'Privacy' in the top right. In the 'Profile' section, click on 'Edit Settings'. From there select what group of people can see your friends. Scroll to th... Read More »

Does facebook friend finder automatically add people on your contact list?