Is it possible to learn some IT skills from home for free that I could then work freelance?

Answer It depends on what you want to do, saying you want to do IT is quite a broad subject!If its something like programming, yes its very easy to learn how to do this for free, just google the appropria... Read More »

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What skills can you learn from doing bar work?

Probably depends how much you want to get involved. You could learn about computer systems, cash management, stock management, staff management, people skills, public skills (e.g. handling a rowdy ... Read More »

Are there any rules for trying freelance work from home in England?

The only work from home jobs that are not Scams are people who already work for a firm and do some work at home.There are NO jobs, thousands of posts on here week after week. If there were these jo... Read More »

Need to work from home - how lucrative is FREELANCE JOURNALISM?

I used to edit a magazine and we used freelance writers a lot! They get paid about, on average, £250 per article. But, as you realise, it's not easy - there are days of research, phone calls, visi... Read More »

I want to work from home - no special skills. I have a computer. What kind of work could I do?

You could do freelance desktop publishing or you could offer transcription services for companies.