Is it possible to learn some IT skills from home for free that I could then work freelance?

Answer It depends on what you want to do, saying you want to do IT is quite a broad subject!If its something like programming, yes its very easy to learn how to do this for free, just google the appropria... Read More »

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I want to learn about some software package that will allow me to work from home...but which one ?

Have you heard of the Open University ?NB There are many other 'colleges' and 'learning centers' advertising on the web - some are scams designed to part you from your money in exchange for some wo... Read More »

I want to work from home - no special skills. I have a computer. What kind of work could I do?

You could do freelance desktop publishing or you could offer transcription services for companies.

Can some one give me a name of a company that is legal not a scam that you could do jobs from home?

AQA are a text answering service that you can do from home. I've heard quite a lot of people on other websites talk about doing this. Doesn't pay a fortune but it's a genuine job that you can do ... Read More »

I could do with some extra cash, is there such a thing as a genuine work from home job?

There is, but it's not easy to find.1.) Work from home regular jobSome employers will allow employees to work from home on things which can be done over the Internet. It saves them money (no off... Read More »