Is it possible to port forward a router that doesn't support UPnP :(?

Answer UPnP is just a means to make things simpler but it isn't neededAnd port forwarding is when a device forwards traffic coming in on a specific port to another device rather than answering this itself... Read More »

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How to Port Forward a WNR2000 Router?

The Netgear WNR2000 router provides you with a Web-based console application that lets you port forward processes. You port forward when you want to allow access to your internal network from the I... Read More »

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How to Enable Multicast & uPNP Technology on a Netgear Wndr3300 Router?

Multicast is the transmission of data or network information from a single source device to multiple destinations. One of the most common applications of multicast is streaming video. UPnP, or Univ... Read More »