Is it possible to stop someone from tagging you in stuff on facebook?

Answer You can set your settings so that you have to approve tags before they are posted on your page.

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How can I stop people from tagging me in Facebook photos?

You can remove tags by simply selectingthe tagged photo in your timeline and removing the tag.You can block a person to avoid them to continue tagging your photos.If you’d like to review posts an... Read More »

Want to stop some groups seeing stuff in facebook?

When you write a comment there will be something by the box, click on it and you can control who sees it,For example, only you, friends, groups , friends of friends etc

Is there a way to stop people tagging you in their status?

Are they friends? ask them to not do that all the time.if they are strangers to you, cyberfriends you never talk with, you can delete/block them;

My Mom keeps tagging me on Facebook?

She probably likes the photos and feels the rest of the world will too. It is best to ask her not to any more as it draws unwanted attention to you. If she persists inform Facebook. You might want... Read More »