Is it possible to stop someone from tagging you in stuff on facebook?

Answer You can set your settings so that you have to approve tags before they are posted on your page.

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How can I stop people from tagging me in Facebook photos?

You can remove tags by simply selectingthe tagged photo in your timeline and removing the tag.You can block a person to avoid them to continue tagging your photos.If you’d like to review posts an... Read More »

Is It Possible to Hide From Someone on Facebook?

While Facebook is useful for connecting and sharing with friends, there may be times when you wish to remain hidden from view. Facebook privacy settings allow you to restrict the visibility of your... Read More »

How to Stop Getting Event Invites From Someone on Facebook?

Some Facebook members are overly enthusiastic with event invitations. Before you know it, you may have several Facebook event invites from the same person. Depending on your settings, you may also ... Read More »

If someone blocks you from facebook does that stop you from finding their page in other peoples friends list?

That is correct. it blocks all further communication with them as well as searching for them anywhere, including your friends. etc