Is it possible with Skype?

Answer Yep sure can....... step 1. add the IM address's to your program...step 2... all be on at the same time... step 3 invite call conference of each person and off you go..... but everyone should ha... Read More »

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Is It Possible to Use Skype With a BlackBerry?

Skype for BlackBerry become available in May 2009. By entering your mobile phone number on the official Skype for BlackBerry site, you can receive an SMS message giving you a link to download the S... Read More »

Is it possible to check on skype how long I've been friends with someone Even after deleting them.?

no, skype does not show that sort of info, sorry

When people are able to bend spoons or move tables with their minds (if this is actually possible and not just a hoax), what sort of force is being exerted on the object Is it possible to create forces with the mind?

I'm afraid that spoon bending is simply a hoax. While there are electrochemical processes going on in the mind that exert detectable forces on special probes located outside the head, these forces ... Read More »

Why won't skype downloadI have a dell mini 10v using ubuntu 8.04 and when I try to install the skype it fails?

try the synaptic package manager in system / admin / synaptic package manager, insert password and when it loads type skype in the search box, just tick the skype package ( you dont ne... Read More »