Is it right to make a facebook page contributing to Charlie Adam's dad without permission?

Answer do what u believe is right

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What right have google to film our street without our permission.?

In the UK, anyone can film anything in a public place. You have no legal rights to stop Google or indeed, anyone else filming your road or house.In fact, if you prevent Google from travelling along... Read More »

Does cashier have right to attach customers name without permission?

If you are in Europe, they are probably breaking the law.Recording any personal information that is not actually required for the business task in hand is a breach of Data Protection law. (See sect... Read More »

CAN I get in trouble for deleting someone's else Facebook without their permission?

If you did that, then most likely you're screwed. The next day you'll have 5 swat trucks outside your house, helicopters flying everywhere, police with snipers aiming at your house, and possibly so... Read More »

Can a friend on my facebook show other people my profile who are not my friends without permission?

Your friend can show your profile to anyone if they are logged in. If the friends of your original friend try to search you, they won't be able to see your information unless you have it set that w... Read More »