Is it rude to just delete something on your fb wall that someone else posted there?

Answer Nope, its your wall, keep what you like on there!!

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A friend posted something embarrasing on my facebook, is it rude to delete?

Nope, it's your facebook you can do what you like (: I delete my friends stuff all the time. She post like "I love you BFF!" messages on my wall and it's so annoying -.-

Would it be rude if I posted a leaflet through my neighbours door advertising my services?

If they have a sign up saying "no flyers" then don't.Most people are used to getting flyers etc through their letterboxes and just dump it straight in the bin though.Make it noticeable.

Is it an unfair dismissal if you posted a facebook status about how your customers smell and rude?

it's not very clever, that's for sure, when facebook can be read by so many peoplebetter to keep comments like this private, as it isn't doing your company any good if you post comments about it's ... Read More »

I posted a tweet and someone retweeted it how do i delete it so it goes off there twitter two?