Is it safe to leave a modem on 24/7?

Answer to be honest I think it's safer to leave it on if i switch mine off it is a real hassle to get back on the internet again. I have had mine on since july 08 and it hasnt overheated yet so you should... Read More »

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Can u leave your broadband modem on all the time mine gets very hot is this usual?

Yes, you can but it shouldn't be getting really hot. The SpeedStream 5360 DSL Modem is known to get very warm though so I'm sure that there are other models out there that also do. Plug your modem ... Read More »

Is this safe Our neighbour wants to share our broadband connection as he can connect wirelessly to our modem?

As long as File and Printer sharing is off, he can't access your files.A hotspot is anywhere you can pick up a WiFi signal.Again, as long as File and Printer Sharing is off, noone is sharing files.

Is it safe to leave my car with the garage?

I don't think problems would happen unless business booms and they don't have storage for it, but then the car would be moved to a lot outside probably. If your okay with the possibility of it han... Read More »

Is it safe for me to leave my computer on all day?

yes it will go to standby when your'e not using it to wake it up move mouse