Is it strange to add this guy on Facebook?

Answer just add, so this way you 2 might have a chance to get to know each other. or if nothing happpenst just let it go :) nothing weird adding some1 from ur class even if you don't speak to him!

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Strange Message on Facebook?

No, I am sorry. I do not know anything about that. Good luck with the other 60 thousand web surfers per hour who might.

strange behaviour on facebook?

of course. People can set things so they don't show to anyone else, so it looks like only the person is talking/posting maybe they are talking to someone who has blocked you, or you have blocked th... Read More »

Strange pop-up?

What browser?See here and try (near bottom) Thanks a lot, Al. I can't remember which browser, but the next time it pops up, I will know how to deal with... Read More »

Very Strange Computer Help Please!!!!?

The problem is that most materials shrink as the temp drops, if it gets cold enough, plug and jack type connections lose contact, and soldered connections are placed under great strain and can brea... Read More »