Is it true what people say about Limewire?

Answer hope not cos i have it too

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Is it true that Limewire is being tracked?

Yeh it is, we got a warning letter from out Broadband Service Provider=(We havent been disconnected though =P ive gotten clever !

Is it true that people with big eyes draw people in?

They look like babies. Look at nature -- in most mammals babies have large heads and big eyes. It's almost instinctual to take care of beings with large heads and big eyes. So, if you want someo... Read More »

Is there another free music download apart from limewire, becouse limewire seems to send virus etc?

Limewire never "sent" it you, you asked for it.No matter what you use, there will always be viruses everywhere. Best way to avoid them is that you don't download things that don't match their file ... Read More »

How d i import songs from limewire to limewire on a different user account?

Why have you changed your name?? took me and me silly mind ages to realise it was you!