Is it true what people say about Limewire?

Answer hope not cos i have it too

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Is it true that Limewire is being tracked?

Yeh it is, we got a warning letter from out Broadband Service Provider=(We havent been disconnected though =P ive gotten clever !

What is limewire about and how does work?

You can download a ton of music on there. You just search for a song and download it, and then you can burn them onto CD's or place them on an Mp3 player. Simple. (some songs may not work though)

Is it true that people with big eyes draw people in?

They look like babies. Look at nature -- in most mammals babies have large heads and big eyes. It's almost instinctual to take care of beings with large heads and big eyes. So, if you want someo... Read More »

A Question about Limewire?

the reason the firewall doesnt let them both run at the same time is because firewall protects your computer from viruses. lime wire can potentialy download viruses along with the songs! it has hap... Read More »