Is it worth getting twitter?

Answer half and half... treat it as a soapbox to get whatever you wnat to say out.

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Not getting twitter followers?

we don't want you on twitter your tweets are boring and we hate you

Are 3D monitors worth getting?

No sadly they are not worth it.Its kinda like going to the movies, first time you see a movie in 3d your like "OMFG THIS IS AWESOME" after that your kinda just like meh.Also most games dont really ... Read More »

Is it worth getting a new laptop?

well if u can get the screen replaced for £60 and if u compare it to a new laptop which would be higher spec then ur current one woukld cost u like £350 to £400 so i think actually just fix it c... Read More »

Imac, is it worth getting?

If you don't plan on gaming then go for it. If you plan to play a lot of games on it forget it. only a small percentage of games end up on Mac. Even though you can run windows on it, it does not me... Read More »