Is it wrong to use a neighbour's wireless network without their knowledge?

Answer "Yes... It is illegal... "Not technically - there is no law in place yet about hopping on open wifi connections.There are moral questions about it - if your neighbour left their keys in the ignitio... Read More »

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I have discovered i can use my next door neighbours wireless internet conection is this wrong / illegal?

in a legal sense its totall illegal yeah, personally i say fair game! his fault for not enabling wireless security.go to a command window and type in ipconfig, find the default gateway and type it ... Read More »

I can use my neighbours wireless broadband on my laptop-can they tell i amm using their connection?

the 1st answer needs to be sorted out a bit;if your neighbours are careless enough to leave their WL router / broadband moden accessible to everyone, they are unlikely to check the log; even so, if... Read More »

Holding data on individuals without their knowledge?

Other than the data protection act Holding the information is not an offence.Disseminating it may be. yes and this is part of the argument under Government debate.Many companies discard their data ... Read More »

Can someone use my trading address for their business without my permission/knowledge?

Definitely not. Pursue with local and cyber authorities to take the person to stop doing this.