Is my tumblr blog any good?

Answer yes, and the fact you like doctor who, has made me want to follow you :)

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What's the best blog Tumblr, Wordpress, blog spot?

Definitely Wordpress. You can find a very nice theme for photography (free or paid) and there is so much flexibility with plugins and what you really want to do with it. Also if you want to have it... Read More »

I want to create a blog and write about ALL topics which is a good blog site?

You can surely write about all/anything you like. All you'll to do is create a Gmail account. Once this is ready, go to and log in with the same username and password for your Gmail acc... Read More »

Take a look at my blog Tumblr <3?

Interesting article. It is a little interesting how some people don't like the way the look, so they decide to have plastic surgery to make them look better. I can think of a few more celebrities t... Read More »

How can I fix my blog on tumblr?

Staff is really good about helping you. It may take one or two days for them to reply but when they do they really try to fix your problem. I suggest contacting the staff. Hoped this helped (: