Is sky broadband down?

Answer Why ask here? Sky has dedicated forums.....Also, you have given no diagnostic information.1) what area are you in?2) what type of broadband do you have (probably ADSL?).3) does the landline tele... Read More »

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Why has my broadband really slowed down?

This could be due to a plethora problems, here is a short list:-You are downloading or uploading somthing-There are too many computers in the house sownloading or uploading things-Depending on your... Read More »

Is Orange Broadband down across the whole of the UK?

Out for four hours in the south. So bored I even had a shave, a pleasure I usually save for the morning.

How can i stop people using my wireless broadband connection and slowing it down?

on the wireless router enable security, atlease WEP

My computer has slowed down and hangs since i have been on broadband ,,,why?

This sounds to me like adware running on start up. They are a bit like TSR (terminate and stay resident programs) in that they are resident on startup and run in the background. Anti virus softwa... Read More »