Is something wrong with BT / BT broadband this evening?

Answer Yes, there is some networking problems, and the broadband talk service as well. And my speed has dropped dramatically.You can always check the service status online to see if there is anything wron... Read More »

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Virgin Media Broadband Fast during Day but super slow during evening!?

virgin are rubbish, always breaking down and waiting forever for a engineer. when they do turn up they are wearing a stetson, boots, spurs and a lasso

My talktalk broadband is ok during day but in the evening is so slow it stops whats the answer?

TalkTalk is useless, I've just cancelled mine because it's too unstable and there was NO WAY they were going to lock me into 18 months of a substandard service. I have had problems for weeks and w... Read More »

What is wrong with my phone line and broadband connection?

Either your house wiring is bad, or the cable from BT is bad. Assuming BT is similar as MaBell, you will have a test point on the side of your house. Do it. Run a cable from the NID and see if e... Read More »

Broadband mostly only works when telephone is off the hook, whats wrong?

I do a lot of home broadband installation and fault-finding for my clients. The number one problem is a telephone without a broadband filter plugged into the socket. That can give you no, slow or... Read More »