Is surfing off someone elses broadband illegal?

Answer Company I work for for used to encourage it as I travel about for work - Then there was a big piece in the news about it being illegal. They've now bought us all 3G cards so we can access most plac... Read More »

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Why web surfing is slow on 50mb broadband?

for the past year virgin has been on decline, its nothing to do with your hardware, its their network, im hoping that when my 30mb package gets "doubled" i might end up with an actual 10/15 mb pack... Read More »

is it illegal to throw someone elses post away?

Perfectly legal to chuck junk mail in the bin. The Postal Services Act 2000 is clear that an offence is created if anyone intentionally delays the post or intentionally opens a mail bag. The Act go... Read More »

Is it illegal to use someone elses picture for a page on facebook?

All photos are automatically copyrighted the moment the picture is taken, so technically, yes. The owner may never know about it, but if they find it, they will have a right to demand you remove it.

Phantom upload from my macbook when using T-mobile broadband surfing on safari Any ideas Why?

.......Mobile Internet, Mobile Broadband and Mobile TV - T-MobileMobile internet on the move from T-Mobile. The latest in mobile phones, mobile internet, mobile broadband, mobile TV and email.http:... Read More »