Is the Apple store about to do a sale in december 2012?

Answer If they do it will be the first time, there has been a few offers in the past but no new Apple products have had any significant reductions, that's Apple!

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When is sainsburys pay day in December 2012?

21st of december 2012 ?

Do not worry about this date. A local prophet has predicted that the world will end tomorrow, so 2012 will not exist. Of course he has predicted this before, he was wrong the first time I saw his p... Read More »

Is Facebook down 10th December 2012?

it's working just fine for me - the server your account is on is probably just under maintenance

Why has youtube taken away my views from videos that have been deleted [December 2012]?

Even if you got through to Youtube staff they would not simply give you your views back, its not as simple as your mind may think... You chose to delete your videos which deletes your views. You ca... Read More »