Is the computer misuse act fit for purpose?

Answer Possibly not anymore, the problem with legislating for technology is that the technology moves much faster than the law ever could.

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What Was the Purpose of the Computer Misuse Act?

Officials in the United Kingdom enacted the Computer Misuse Act to discourage computer hacking and related cybercrime. The 1990 law helps authorities catch and successfully prosecute computer crimi... Read More »

What is the computer misuse act?

Well if your a student of should realize that the www will have the answerBut just of the top of my head my guess is to not use computer devices for the purposes of hacking and other assoc... Read More »

What is the Computer Misuse Act of 1990?

The Computer Misuse Act of 1990 is a law in the UK that makes illegal certain activities, such as hacking into other people‚Äôs systems, misusing software, or helping a person to gain access to prote... Read More »

Computer misuse act (UK) International hackers?

Well, IN THEORY perhaps - i.e. IN THEORY UK could attempt to extradite a foreign national who 'hacked' a UK computer ...... however I doubt UK would get much international co-operation given how UK... Read More »